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Use human-in-the-loop AI to make better


qode automatically finds the best candidates, schedules interviews, and writes interview notes. Save time and have more meaningful engagement with candidates.

Powering companies worldwide to make better hiring decisions


Deploy AI Agents to find the most relevant candidates

Put AI agents to work. Match your JD across billions of data points and find the most relevant candidates

360-degree candidate profiles

We combine billions of data points and use AI to give you unique insights about candidates. Only available here!

Create your own Private Talent Pool with the best candidates

No spreadsheets and disparate ATS systems. Your candidate pool is yours to keep forever. Neatly organized and powered by AI

AI-powered interview notes to assess candidates objectively

Use AI to write interview notes so you can focus on having more meaningful engagement with candidates

Automate interviews and interview assessment with AI recruiters

Use your very own AI recruiter to conduct live interviews, enabling you to screen more candidates and make better hiring decisions

Easy to use Chrome Extension

An easy to use Chrome Extension to auto-import profiles, contacts, and manage outreach within your Private Talent Pool

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